Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile provides an elastic cloud environment and mobile Internet ecosystem with high data security. It can process up to 100 million concurrent connections and millions of transactions, perform big data analysis, and ensure system reliability and performance.
Solution Advantages
  • Complete Application Lifecycle Management

    Provides DevOps and end-to-end support for microservice frameworks.

  • Security and Reliability

    Protects the integrity of customer data and applications with the full security and reliability of HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Precision Marketing

    Actionable insights from big data analysis facilitate precision marketing.

  • Quick Deployment

    Templates can be used to quickly deploy services and provision resources.

Business Challenges
  • Slow Response During Peak Hours

    Websites, mobile applications, and e-commerce portals must often process up to 100 million concurrent connections and millions of transactions. This can overload servers, causing bandwidth bottlenecks, sluggish system responses, database failures, or even system unavailability.

  • Poor User Experience

    When a large amount of static data (such as photos and videos) is processed, web pages may be slow to load, impacting performance and user experience.

  • Lack of Big Data Analysis

    User behavior and transaction data are not analyzed to potential due to the lack of big data analysis tools. This situation may lead to reduced user loyalty and misdirected investments for the organization.

  • Low Data Security

    Websites, mobile applications, and e-commerce platforms are exposed to a variety of risks, including credential stuffing, ticket scalping, web page tampering, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses.

Typical Scenarios
  • Promotions & Flash Sales

  • Precision Marketing

  • One-Stop Website Construction

  • Resource Acceleration

  • Highly-Reliable Architecture

Promotions & Flash Sales

ECSs automatically scale up or down to meet concurrency requirements.

  1. Elastic Load Balancing

    ELB automatically scales its request handling capacity according to the incoming traffic. It can process up to 100 million concurrent connections and distributes traffic across AZs. Service continuity is ensured, even if an AZ becomes faulty.

  2. Dynamic Expansion

    ECSs and databases can be dynamically extended based on preset scaling policies to handle traffic peaks and ensure service stability.

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Precision Marketing

Big data analysis drives precision marketing.

  1. Data Analysis

    MRS uses Hadoop, Spark, and HBase to process user data and analyze behavioral trends, and provides you with actionable insights for product marketing and O&M.

  2. Data Storage

    With OBS, you can store large amounts of data (up to 5 TB) for a short period or long term, and pay only for the storage space you use.

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    Object Storage Service

    MapReduce Service

One-Stop Website Construction

All the resources you need for building a website are available.

  1. Domain Name Registration and Licensing

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides DNS for customers to register and resolve their domain names. DNS also provides free licensing for domain names.

  2. Accelerated Website Construction

    A wide range of website design templates available in the Marketplace enable you to build and launch your site fast.

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Resource Acceleration

The five-connection dynamic Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network improves service access, separates dynamic and static content, and delivers an excellent user experience.

  1. High-Quality Network

    The five-connection dynamic BGP network ensures fast access for users on all networks. VPN and Direct Connect facilitate connections between services in the cloud and those in enterprise-owned data centers.

  2. Enhanced User Experience

    OBS provides static website hosting and stores static data, including photos and videos. It works with CDN to quickly load content, enhancing user experience.

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    Content Delivery Network

Highly-Reliable Architecture

Intra-city and remote disaster recovery capabilities ensure service reliability.

  1. Intra-City Disaster Recovery

    Best-in-class cloud infrastructure enables service deployment across AZs within the same city. Cloud services, such as RDS for MySQL and ELB, also support cross-AZ deployment, fully satisfying DR requirements of financial enterprises.

  2. Remote Disaster Recovery

    Enterprises can use Huawei data centers in China and around the world to facilitate remote disaster recovery and to meet reliability and regulatory requirements.

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    RDS for MySQL

    Virtual Private Network

Solution Architectures


An elastic cloud environment that supports complete lifecycle management, guarantees data security, handles a massive number of concurrent connections and transactions, and features high reliability and performance


  • Service neutrality
  • One-stop service
  • User support
  • Seamless user experience
  • Highly-reliable architecture
  • Comprehensive data protection
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted services.
  • Cloud Container Engine
    Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. CCE supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to easily set up a container runtime environment on the cloud.
  • RDS for MySQL
    MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with Linux, Apache, and PHP to establish a LAMP stack, thereby providing efficient web solutions. RDS for MySQL is reliable, scalable, easy to manage, and immediately ready for use, freeing you to focus on developing your services.

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