X-Connect provides high-speed, low latency, and secure connectivity capabilities across networks. It allows enterprises to deploy service systems across local data centers and public cloud, across regions and tenants within the cloud. Currently, this solution only applies to Mainland China.
Solution Advantages
  • Wide Coverage

    HUAWEI CLOUD has five main data centers and over 30 data centers widely connected by BGP networks for your use.

  • High Security

    Direct Connect helps you connect local data centers to VPCs with secure and high-speed networks.

  • High Performance

    Each single connection supports up to10 Gbit/s bandwidth, ensuring user experience with high-speed and low-latency networks.

  • Hybrid Deployment

    Direct Connect connects HUAWEI CLOUD as an extension to local data centers, forming a flexible and elastic hybrid deployment.

Business Challenges
  • Hybrid Deployment

    Hybrid deployment garners both security of local data centers and computing capability of public cloud. The public cloud is used as an extension of local data centers. Hybrid deployment requires a high performance network between local data centers and public cloud.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Storage on public cloud is secure and reliable. Enterprises can pay only for use and flexibly select regions for storage. However, disaster recovery systems on public cloud have high requirements on data transmission and Direct Connect connections.

  • Cross-Region Deployment

    Centrally deployed enterprise systems cannot provide fast and quick access experience for geographically distributed users. Deploying the enterprise system on nodes in different public cloud regions requires high speed private network connections.

Typical Scenarios
  • Hybrid Deployment

  • Remote Disaster Recovery

  • Cross-Region Deployment

Hybrid Deployment

Connecting local data centers to VPCs using Direct Connect takes advantages of both the local data centers and public cloud.

  1. Seamless Extension

    Direct Connect assists local data centers to extend to HUAWEI CLOUD. Enterprises can achieve both computing capability and flexibility of public cloud and the application and data security of local data centers.

  2. High Security

    Using Direct Connect to connect to VPCs enjoys private communication tunnel, dedicated network, and high security.

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Remote Disaster Recovery

Remote disaster recovery can be achieved by backing up data and applications on cloud. Local data centers are connected to VPCs using Direct Connect while VPCs across regions and AZs are connected with each other using high-speed networks.

  1. Flexible DR Architecture

    Based on hybrid deployment and VPCs across regions and AZs, the disaster recovery architecture is secure, extensive, and reliable and guarantees data durability.

  2. Large Bandwidth

    Each Direct Connect connection supports up to10 Gbit/s bandwidth, meeting your requirements.

  3. Low Latency

    Dedicated networks have high performance and low latency, bringing optimal experience for data transmission.

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Cross-Region Deployment

To improve access experience, service systems are deployed on nodes in regions connected by high-speed private networks.

  1. Cross-Region Deployment

    Users of websites and mobile applications are from diversified regions and require high-speed, stable, and reliable networks. Systems deployed in VPCs in different HUAWEI CLOUD regions can meet user requirements.

  2. High Performance and Reliability

    VPCs across tenants and regions are connected by high-speed private networks with large bandwidth.

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Solution Architectures


X-Connect provides Direct Connect to connect local data centers with HUAWEI CLOUD to implement online to offline connection. It also uses peering connections and high-speed private networks to connect VPCs in the same region and across regions and tenants, respectively. X-Connect uses secure, stable, and high-speed networks to fit enterprises needs and applies to e-commerce, media, hybrid cloud, remote disaster recovery scenarios.


  • Seamless extension
  • High performance
  • Low latency
  • Flexible access
  • High security and stability
Recommended Services
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