Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR)

Ease of Use

Policy-based automatic backups; a clear view of backup and restore tasks with the console dashboard

Fast Backup & Restore

Incremental backup shortens the time required for backup by 95%, and Instant Restore allows for RTO within minutes

Multi-resource Support

Data protection for cloud-native servers, disks, file systems as well as on-premises VMware VMs

Simple, Efficient Backup for Cloud Resources

Simple, Efficient Backup for Cloud Resources

  • Server Backup
  • Disk Backup
  • SFS Turbo Backup

Why CBR?

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

  • Both crash-consistent backup and multi-disk consistency backup are supported for cloud servers.

  • The backup data of encrypted disks is automatically encrypted to ensure your data security.

Efficient and Easy-to-Use

Efficient and Easy-to-Use

  • Incremental backups reduce the time required for backup by 95%.

  • Instant Restore allows for an RPO as low as 1 hour and an RTO of just a few minutes.

  • Backup configuration and operations are simple. No professional software skills are required.

Multi-resource Support

Multi-resource Support

  • Backup support for multiple cloud native servers, including ECSs, HECSs, and BMSs.

  • Backup support for various cloud resources, including EVS disks, SFS Turbo file systems, and cloud databases.

  • Backup support for on-premises VMware environments.

Elastic and Cost-effective

Elastic and Cost-effective

  • You pay only for what you use, which greatly reduces fixed asset investments and backup costs.

  • You can configure scheduled or periodic monitoring policies on the console.

  • You can choose either pay-per-use or yearly/monthly billing based on your service requirements.

Use Cases

Backup and Restore

CBR enables you to back up cloud-native servers and disks as well as on-premises VMware virtual environments. Using CBR, you can quickly restore data from backups.


Instant Restore, with RTO within minutes.


Application-consistent backup ensures the data consistency of your database servers.


Automatic backup based on custom policies, and backup configuration in just three steps.

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