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HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Ups Security for Internet Applications

Mobile Internet has allowed people everywhere to get just about whatever they need from life with a few swipes of the fingers. Nowadays, you don’t even have to bring your wallet with you when you go out, but you better not forget your phone. With your phone in hand, you can buy just about everything from a car to fresh produce. However, while mobile Internet enables tremendous convenience, it also presents some serious problems. One problem is copyright infringement when pictures and other works are shared at volume over the Internet. Another, the spread of unsubstantiated, "fake" news. With the new artificial intelligence (AI) tech coming out in the near future, a more secure, healthier, and more intelligent experience in Internet awaits us all.

Huawei has invested heavily in AI, accumulating one breakthrough after another. Having already impressive success in multiple fields, Huawei integrates AI into the particulars of enterprise production practices and achieves new levels of productivity with automation.

Image Search Technology Helps Protect Intellectual Property Rights is a leading microprofit photo library in China that houses 50 million copy written HD photographs and 6 million vector images for customers needing to use the materials in their advertisements, circulars, websites, and so on. implements a copyright review and authorization certificate process in addition to an anti-piracy platform that will recommend a process or legal professional to complete a claim at zero costs for its contracted photographers. The massive quantities of images generated by social websites, media, and enterprise websites every day makes the ability to quickly lock onto suspected copy-write infringements crucial to protecting the rights of content producers.

HUAWEI CLOUD helped build a chain of custody in image copyright protection with image search technology (featuring ingestion and analysis of image content) able to detect if content has been modified (fuzzy match, color changes, combining of images). The system is able to retrieve hundreds of millions of images within seconds, and top 3 accuracy in vertical fields reaches 99% or higher. The image search service provides high scalability and real-time response in sifting through millions of images to meet the ultra-large throughput monitoring requirements for and ensure that encroachments are quickly found to protect the rights and incomes of artists.

Content Detection Service Helps Build Green Network

User Generated Content (UGC) communities allow users to share video, photos, information, and a variety of other content. Review of original content is one of the biggest problems in operating a UGC platform. Some content comes up against laws and regulations, like pornographic, politically-charged, and violent subject matter. Operators must be able to filter out such illicit content or they will face public fallout and judiciary penalty. Adding to the headache, a lot of UGC contains advertisement pushes, personal attacks, and abuse, which leads to a poor experience for users. In particular, posts on hot issues often go viral quickly, making reliance on human review and censorship unfeasible.

Huawei has invested heavily in AI for many years. Incorporating the full scope of auditing required of public agencies, the Content Moderation service available in the Enterprise Intelligence (EI) suite of HUAWEI CLOUD is powered on such AI tech as deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing. The system can accurately detect violations and explicit content in videos, image, and text. The service uses a series of content detection APIs that align with the up-to-date requirements of public directives. Hundreds of millions of call-ups can be handled each day at millisecond-level response with the compute resources of HUAWEI CLOUD. Precision of the embedded AI tech in Content Moderation reaches 98.5%, handling the heavy lifting for enterprises in remaining compliant with geo-specific statutory requirements.

Image Search Ensures Accuracy in Medical Dispensary

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd engages in the wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical products and value-added services of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological products, and health products. It is one of two enterprises with a national network in the medicine business in China. More than 10,000 kinds of pharmaceuticals can be found in the Jointown catalog. Quickly and accurately identifying the right medication is crucial to the ongoing success of the platform.

The Image Search service in HUAWEI CLOUD allows Jointown to accomplish precisely this task. For example, during exhibitions and sales conferences, retailers can use an app to take photos of the boxes to find the information and ordering details on a specific medication, accelerating the transaction process for improved UX. Adding to the appeal, labor costs are greatly reduced as manual over-the-phone or sheet ordering are replaced with the much more efficient and accurate processes. In the near future, Image Search will be applied to more scenarios in the pharmaceutical industry, extending to consumer ordering of pharmaceuticals over mobile.

Cloud computing, big data, and AI have penetrated into product R&D, solution formulation, and related system planning in all IT fields. Mr. Zheng Yelai, President of HUAWEI CLOUD BU, said during Digital Expo 2018, "AI is not a stand-alone product, but it should be viewed as a fundamental element in improving productivity of any economic activity. AI will change every industry, organization, and career with multiplying levels of efficiency."

Huawei’s proven practices in applying AI have greatly benefited productivity in manufacturing, retail, and logistics in the company’s own internal systems. The EI suite in HUAWEI CLOUD is the culmination of years of R&D accumulation and practice in the AI field. The suite is constantly being improved upon and more services are being added to provide application support for broad and specific enterprise intelligence requirements. Image search, recommendation engines, voice semantics, text recognition, and dialogue robots are but a few of the listings in the service-rich catalog. Take a look at all the services being offered and those soon to be launched at the HUAWEI CLOUD website at