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Pactera and HUAWEI CLOUD – Making Breakthroughs in Operation of Building Facilities and Devices Through Concerted Efforts

Pactera Technology International Ltd. (Pactera) is a global IT service enterprise that provides services to more than 29,000 professionals at home and abroad. Pactera provides leading digital consulting, experience interaction, technical implementation, and operation services for global customers, helping them create more business value by accelerating innovation, boosting growth, optimizing operational efficiency, and upgrading experiences. Pactera is committed to being the first choice in the search for a business partner in its domain amongst global enterprises. In the 22 years of growth, Pactera has established a long-term partnership with 142 of the top 500 Fortune companies by leveraging its rich experience in high-tech, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, Internet, automotive, and healthcare industries.

As a global IT service enterprise from China, Pactera has 17 branches and delivery centers in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. These centers provide one-stop services in 200+ languages around the clock every day of the year. Everything from enterprise application services, business intelligence, cloud computing, mobile solutions, application development and maintenance to infrastructure management, software development, and globalization efforts are available for customers around the world. Delivery of technical support is seamless worldwide, providing customers with the drive they need in their business development.

Pactera banded with HUAWEI CLOUD in building facility management solution that it named HiFM. The solution runs on Cloud Service Engine (CSE) and is the perfect fit for industry customers who need to independently manage their building space and operate and control their own infrastructures.


Feng Jiang (third from left), Senior Vice President of Pactera, participating in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Select Product Policy Press Conference.

HiFM is able to understand the operating status of building facilities for companies operating in China and even across the globe in addition to providing detailed analysis on the operational efficiency of building facilities with monitoring throughout the entire lifecycle. Backed by a highly reliable IT system in the background, Pactera is able to accomplish visibility, drill-down, and efficiency improvement.

To quickly deliver flexible and stable building systems, Pactera reconstructed its IT systems with a zero-intrusion microservice solution Mesher provided by Cloud Service Engine (CSE) on HUAWEI CLOUD. CSE helps the administrative manager better cope with expansions in customer’s commercial layout from two dimensions. First, CSE allows functional boundaries to be more easily extendable to the administrative system. Continuously expanding functions can be quickly brought online. Second, CSE delivers improved stability so administrative professionals can cope with ever-expanding user traffic.CES also helps Pactera make best use of the existing technical assets of its development teams.

In terms of technology, HiFM uses advanced technologies such as mobile Internet, RFID IoT, cloud computing, and big data to enable operators to receive work orders and record operation data at any time. The RFID technology can identify assets and spatial locations, so that personnel can complete administrative management from any place and record the process data in detail. The flexible scalability of SaaS applications is also able to meet the varying requirements of customers in managing multiple buildings, stores, and facilities across regions.

In terms of function composition, HiFM’s main offerings include: Infrastructure management, fixed asset management, consumable goods management, service order management, service request management, management plan formulation, work order management, supplier management, and budget management

As the newly developed SaaS cloud application for building facility management, HiFM is widely used retail stores, office buildings, hotels, and campus infrastructures and auxiliary services. Currently, HiFM has been successfully deployed in Beijing’s Dongsheng Software Park, Zhongguancun Software Park, and other workplaces in addition to retail stores throughout the country. The platform makes use of Internet, cloud computing, big data, and IoT technologies to help managers ensure the availability of their workspace.

HUAWEI CLOUD CSE enables Pactera to provide a more flexible and reliable system architecture. HiFM streamlines and divides the data and service flows in building facility management systems to support environment monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, and intelligent equipment monitoring while helping yield the needed optimizations in equipment operation and management.

Backed by the awesome storehouse of utility and performance on HUAWEI CLOUD, Pactera continues to introduce new technologies and make updates in iterations to lead the operation of building equipment and facilities into the digital era.