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ZBJ Networks and HUAWEI CLOUD – Empowering New Business Value for Enterprises

Chongqing ZBJ Networks Co., Ltd. is a leading shared service platform for knowledge workers in China. Since its inception in 2006, ZBJ Networks has been focusing on providing professional services for enterprises. On August 2, 2017, ZBJ Networks signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei in Shenzhen. The two parties cemented their commitment to cooperate with each other in offering services to help enterprises effectuate their cloud transformations.

Signing ceremony of the ZBJ Networks and HUAWEI CLOUD cooperation agreement

Open Cloud-Based Service Platform Ecosystem

More than 20 million enterprises make use of the more than 600 professional services on the ZBJ platform, including enterprise management, brand innovation, enterprise marketing, product manufacturing, and software development. The ZBJ ecosystem is now powered on the HUAWEI CLOUD, fulfilling the agility, efficiency, and stability needs of enterprises in having a one-stop source of industry-specific solutions able to cover their entire development lifecycle.

Joint Innovation in Industry Solutions

Covering so many industries, ZBJ Networks is naturally positioned to deliver superior services. Tens of millions of enterprises rely on the ZBJ platform for growth. More than one million technical development enterprises provide products, technologies, and industry solutions on the ZBJ platform for empowering IT transformation. This has become an important cornerstone of the market exploration for ZBJ Networks and Huawei.

Leveraging the distinct advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD, ZBJ has improved its service ecosystem and has promoted cloud adoption for SMEs throughout the country.

ZBJ Networks has integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD and packaged many solutions into its offerings portfolio, including cross-border e-commerce solutions, website building solutions, and online education solutions.

l The e-commerce system is a B2B2C multi-user shopping/ordering system. Customers can operate their own platforms or build then rent the space. It can fully support mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, Wap, and WeChat, streamline supply chains in the industry circle, and solve the problem of e-commerce traffic diversion and promotion. The system can also help enterprises build an eco-level B2B2C profit-making platform. The cross-border e-commerce system supports cross-border tax payment, cross-border tax filing, and cross-border direct mailings to quickly expand imported goods categories. In addition, the e-commerce system allows for the business models such as self-operated, distribution, and O2O and can meet the long-term development requirements of enterprises.

l The website building solution is a SaaS application tool that meets user’s personalized customization requirements for websites. It provides a visualized online website editor, which allows users to freely adapt the configuration they need, preview the layout online, and publish the site all in one click. Enterprises can choose from the basic edition, enterprise edition, and customized edition depending on their needs.

l The online education solution combines all aspects of campus-related IT, including collection, processing, integration, storage, transmission, and application of data in course delivery, scientific research, management, technical services, and life services with the needed powerbase in digital information and networking. The solution forms a virtual education environment in which digital resources are fully optimized and utilized. The environment (including devices and classrooms), resources (including books, lectures, and courseware), and applications (including teaching, learning, management, services, and office) can be all digitalized, improving the management and operation efficiency of traditional education and ultimately realizing full-graft IT integrations into the education process.

Concerting Efforts and Rising to the Challenges in Cloud 2.0

In the Cloud 2.0 era, enterprises are scrambling to stay a notch up in the digital transformation to fulfill ever-escalating consumer requirements as new tech and business models continue to come out all the time.  ZBJ networks has a full-lifecycle, full-industry-chain service system and a powerful big data analysis platform and is cooperating more extensively with HUAWEI CLOUD to explore more industry-specific solutions that meet enterprise requirements.

Concerting efforts and rising to the challenges in the new era, ZBJ Networks and Huawei are stimulating new business value for enterprises big and small.