Carrier Partner Program

Why Join the Carrier Partner Program

The HUAWEI CLOUD Carrier Partner Program allows carriers to leverage HUAWEI CLOUD's innovative cloud, AI, and 5G capabilities for digital transformation and B2B business growth.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a carrier partner.

Requirements Description
Huawei Cloud consulting partner Be certified as HCPN consulting partners and join the Solution Provider Program
Leading carriers Must have a telecom carrier's license


After joining Huawei Cloud Carrier Partner Program, partners have opportunities to become HCPN Strategic consulting partners and enjoy the corresponding benefits(Note 1)
Other benefits
Benefits Description
Sales support
Annual incentives Partners can earn incentives based on the percentage achieved of their annual revenue goals(Note 2)
Onsite sales and technical training Carrier Partners can enjoy onsite sales and technical trainings twice a year
Marketing support
Participation in Huawei Cloud ecosystem activities Carriers can obtain expert support for their branding activities that relate to Huawei Cloud
Huawei expert support at Carrier Partners' branding activities that relate to Huawei Cloud Obtain expert support for Carrier Partners' branding activities that relate to HUAWEI CLOUD
Business Support
Eligible for Direct Connect cooperation(Note 3) Huawei Cloud cooperates with Carrier Partners to recommend and sell Carrier Partners' private lines to enterprise customers
Eligible for CDN cooperation(Note 3) With customer requirements and Carrier Partner intentions, Huawei Cloud and Carrier Partners can jointly build and sell CDN networks

Carrier Partner Program Exclusive Benefits
Benefits Description
5G Application Innovation Cooperation Carriers can enjoy the "Cloud + AI + 5G" application ecosystem recommended by Huawei Cloud and work with Huawei Cloud and industry application partners to incubate B2B and B2C scenario-based applications
5G 2C Application Innovation Cloud VR/AR, cloud gaming, and cloud video
5G 2B Application Innovation EEducation, media, manufacturing, healthcare, public utilities, energy, campus, and logistics ports
Cloud Migration (Digital Transformation) of Internal IT Systems
Dedicated test coupons for cloud migration An extra 20,000 USD test coupon is provided for carriers to migrate their internal IT systems to HUAWEI CLOUD.
Preferential policy for internal IT consumption Resell discount applied for carrier's internal IT consumption. The expenditure generated with this discount is included in the partner's annual performance incentive.
Program Members
China Mobile International Limited
Tel. : + 852 3975 6688
Fax. : + 852 3188 1660
E-mail. :
Add. : Level 30, Tower 1, Kowloon Commerce Centre, No. 51 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung. N.T. Hong Kong.

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