Marketplace Program

Why Join the Marketplace Program

HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software and service listings from sellers that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy in HUAWEI CLOUD. In order to promote the joint efforts between sellers and HUAWEI CLOUD to provide abundant, high-quality software and services for HUAWEI CLOUD customers, we designed this program to ensure sellers’ benefits and obligations.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a marketplace seller:

1Basic Requirements for Sellers
Requirements Description
Establishment time of enterprise ≥1 year
Provides software or services in HUAWEI CLOUD, including images, SaaS, APIs, and consulting products
Pre-sales support personnel ≥1
Post-sales service personnel ≥1
Post-sales support Access to 8/5 support (based on the time zone of the HUAWEI CLOUD service area)
Agreement and regulations Accept and sign HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Cooperation Agreement and HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Service Agreement and comply with HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Seller Management Regulation.
Commercial information & bank account verification
2Basic Requirements for Software and Service
Requirements Description
Image offerings must be delivered in ECS instances
SaaS and API offerings must be deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD
Service offerings must be integrated into HUAWEI CLOUD solutions

Seller Benefits

Once they get approval to upload a software or service offering to the marketplace, sellers enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits Description
Technical support
Marketplace technical support HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace provides technical support for sellers.
Marketplace training opportunities Sellers are eligible to obtain online or onsite training courses about HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace knowledge.
Marketing support
Allowed to use "HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Seller" logo
Eligible to be recommended on HUAWEI CLOUD homepage banner
Eligible to be recommended on HUAWEI CLOUD marketplace homepage banner
Eligible to be listed in boutique zone of marketplace
Eligible to be listed in the popular product zone of the marketplace
Eligible to be listed in the featured zone of the HUAWEI CLOUD website
Eligible to be recommended to customers by HUAWEI CLOUD direct sales force and indirect sales channel partners
Eligible to be promoted via Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs)
Eligible to participate in joint marketing campaigns Sellers are eligible to participate in the following market campaigns:
• Online joint promotion activities in HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace
• Annual Huawei Connect conference in China
• HUAWEI CLOUD co-branding campaigns
• HUAWEI CLOUD technology forums

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