Marketplace Program

Why Join the Marketplace Program

Huawei Cloud Marketplace ("Marketplace" for short) is an online transaction platform established and operated by Huawei Cloud. This program is designed to promote the joint efforts between sellers and Huawei Cloud to provide abundant, high-quality software and services for Huawei Cloud customers.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a marketplace seller:

1Basic Requirements for Sellers
Requirements Description
Establishment time of enterprise ≥1 year
Provides software or services in HUAWEI CLOUD, including images, SaaS, APIs, and professional services
Pre-sales support personnel ≥1
Post-sales service personnel ≥1
Post-sales support Access to 8/5 support (based on the time zone of the HUAWEI CLOUD service area)
Agreement and regulations Accept and sign the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Seller Agreement and carry out business cooperation according to the terms and articles specified in the agreement.
Tax and bank information verification
2Basic Requirements for Software and Service
Requirements Description
Images An image is created by service provider. A user can use the image to create an ECS that has the same OS as the image. Images integrate the software environment and functions on the operating system and couple application software with cloud resources to enable out-of-the-box functionality for ECSs
Images must be delivered in ECS instances
SaaS products SaaS products are application software products provided by sellers to run on HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure as a service (IaaS). After purchasing SaaS products, customers can log in to specified websites to use them without a need to purchase the required cloud resources
SaaS products must be deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD
License License products are the commercial software or licenses provided by a seller. License products include commercial operating system, database middleware, and application software
Professional services Professional services are offered by sellers on the Marketplace as products. Such services include training service, environment configuration, data migration, troubleshooting, and installation service. Specific software or applications are not included

Seller Benefits

Once getting approval to upload a software or service offering to Marketplace, sellers enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits Description
Marketing Support
Eligibility to be recommended on HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace homepage banner A transaction of $100,000 USD in the Marketplace makes a seller eligible to be recommended on the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace homepage banner
Eligibility to display products in the featured zones of HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Registration with the Marketplace makes a seller eligible to display products in the featured zones of HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace
Eligibility for resale opportunities Products of the sellers who meet the specific requirements released on HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace can be sold by the HUAWEI CLOUD distributors and resellers
Eligibility to participate in joint marketing campaigns Sellers are eligible to participate in the following marketing campaigns:
(1) Online joint promotion activities in Huawei Cloud Marketplace
(2)Annual Huawei Connect conference in China
(3) Huawei Cloud co-branding campaigns
(4) Huawei Cloud technology forums
Eligibility for HUAWEI CLOUD sales trainings Marketplace sellers are eligible to obtain trainings from HUAWEI CLOUD sales teams after migrating their workloads to HUAWEI CLOUD (including SaaS and independently-deployed applications)
Technical Support and Training
HUAWEI CLOUD test coupons Marketplace sellers are eligible to request HUAWEI CLOUD test coupons worth up to $1000 USD on demand
Technical support Partners will enjoy the consulting and enablement services offered by HUAWEI CLOUD technical experts when adapting their solutions to HUAWEI CLOUD
Trainings Sellers are eligible to obtain online or onsite training courses about HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace knowledge

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