Service Partner Program

Why Join the Service Partner Program

Service Partner Program is focused on helping service partners build successful businesses on HUAWEI CLOUD. Based on the HUAWEI CLOUD platform, service partners could provide cloud assessment, consulting, migration, optimization, security management and managed services to customers. By leveraging each other's advantages, service partners collaborate with HUAWEI CLOUD in providing competitive service solutions to customers.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming an HCPN service partner:

Requirements Description
Have been certified by the HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect At least 2 persons
HUAWEI CLOUD consulting and migration capabilities
1. HUAWEI CLOUD O&M capabilities (including business continuity, network management services, system security services, and data storage services)
2. Platform and middleware capabilities (OS services and database services)
At least 1 capability
Customer practices At least 2 practices


You will have the following benefits after becoming an HCPN service partner:

Benefits Description
Technical Support
Eligible to use HUAWEI CLOUD OpenLab resources free of charge Eligible to use HUAWEI CLOUD OpenLab standard resources free of charge for service integration solution verifications and POC tests.
Eligible to participate in HUAWEI CLOUD Professional Service Boot Camp For consulting partners who want to establish or enhance HUAWEI CLOUD service capabilities, Huawei provides HUAWEI CLOUD Professional Service Boot Camp courses.
Eligible to participate in the HUAWEI CLOUD service training Partners who have joined this program can get the knowledge of diverse HUAWEI CLOUD services and obtain the best practices of professional services such as cloud migration, cloud database, middleware, EI, and security.
Eligible to try Huawei's latest design, migration and other service tools in advance For the service tools and services such as “migration as a service” that are newly developed by HUAWEI CLOUD, partners have the priority to use it in advance.
Eligible to participate in HUAWEI CLOUD service products roadmap discussions For service products planned by HUAWEI CLOUD, partners are eligible to be invited to discuss the roadmap with HUAWEI CLOUD.
HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect exam vouchers Before partners join the HUAWEI CLOUD Service Partner Program, they will get two HCIP exam vouchers to pay for their exam.
Marketing Support
Priority recommendation in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace After joining the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Partner Program, service partners can release their services and solutions in the marketplace. The marketplace will display and recommend products/services released by partners based on HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace management rules.
Eligible to be recommended on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website Partners have the chance to be displayed on the official HUAWEI CLOUD partner page. This enables customers to learn more about partners and creates partners more business opportunities.
Business Support
Service leads/opportunities generation and sharing Huawei will preferentially recommend and share leads/opportunities with service partners according to their products and capabilities.
Service capability incentives: getting more quarterly performance rebates by being certified by SCC Partners can enjoy extra incentives after being certified by the Service Capability Certification (SCC), with the quarterly revenue rebate coefficient increasing from 5% to 10%.

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