SaaS Partner Program

Why Join the SaaS Partner Program

SaaS Partner Program is a support program for partners who deploy SaaS services based on HUAWEI CLOUD. HUAWEI CLOUD aims to help SaaS partners develop their business globally by providing technical support, marketing support, and service support. We hereby publish this program to grant and ensure the rights and interests of SaaS partners and promote the cooperation between HUAWEI CLOUD and the global SaaS partners.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a SaaS partner.

Requirements Description
Use the multi-tenant architecture for all customers (tenants) or hosting mode with the software service operations provided by ISVs
Centrally host services on the cloud to meet service scale-out

You must become a technology partner before joining the SaaS partner program.


You will have the following benefits after becoming a SaaS partner

Benefits Description
Technical support
Eligible to apply for the software compatibility certification of HUAWEI CLOUD OpenLab Partners can apply to Huawei Cloud OpenLab for software compatibility certification tests. After the Huawei Cloud OpenLab approves, Huawei Cloud will provide test resources and associated technical support. After the cloud application compatibility certification test report is approved by Huawei Cloud OpenLab, the OpenLab issues security test documents to the partners.
Eligible for free trial of the latest PaaS services, such as Middleware, ServiceStage and Container Service in advance Partners are eligible to be invited to experience and use the services in advance and obtain corresponding technical support for the latest HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS services, such as middleware, container services, and ServiceStage.
Eligible to apply for Huawei Cloud SaaS Deployment support When partners are making SaaS transformation or business transformation, they can request HUAWEI CLOUD technical experts to provide consulting and enablement services for SaaS migration, for data security, database, middleware, and ServiceStage, from Huawei Cloud technical experts.
Marketing support
Eligible to release offerings in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace SaaS partners can release offerings in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace that provides online promotion and marketing to help you make success.
Eligible to release a joint solution with HUAWEI CLOUD SaaS partners are eligible to release a joint solution with Huawei Cloud and conduct joint branding at exhibitions such as Huawei Connect, Huawei Partner Conference, etc.
Eligible to obtain HUAWEI CLOUD Go-China/Go-Global opportunities HUAWEI CLOUD can help international partners to develop the Chinese market and global market. Through the advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD's global presence and by joining together with HUAWEI CLOUD sales team and distributor partners in various regions, partners can see a great development, reach a wider range of customers and find more sales opportunities.
Service support
Eligible for free use (up to six months) of HUAWEI CLOUD resources during the migration During the migration of SaaS applications to HUAWEI CLOUD, partners can use cloud resources and migration tools worth up to $40,000 USD for free, for up to 6 calendar months.
Eligible to Apply for HUAWEI CLOUD SaaS Commercial Deployment Support Partners can receive $2000 USD in cash coupons for each $2000 USD expenditure incurred by their SaaS applications on HUAWEI CLOUD. The more they spend, the more coupons they receive. The expenditure is subject to the amount due.

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