Solution Partner Program

Why Join the Solution Partner Program

HCPN consulting partners qualify to resell HUAWEI CLOUD to customers by joining the HUAWEI CLOUD Solution Partner Program. Solution Partners benefit both from re-selling HUAWEI CLOUD services and/or adding value on top of such services.


You must meet the following conditions before becoming a solution partner:

Be certified as HCPN consulting partners


You will have the following benefits after becoming a solution partner:

Benefits Description
Sales support
Solution partner incentives HUAWEI CLOUD allows partners to promote HUAWEI CLOUD products and services to customers in two modes: Referral Mode and Reseller mode. A partner can associate customers in either mode based on customer types. To associate customers in referral mode, solution partners must submit applications to their local ecosystem managers for approval.
HUAWEI CLOUD grants partners incentives (covering partner's service support to customers) based on their revenues. For details about partner incentive rules, contact the HUAWEI CLOUD regional ecosystem manager.
Project based POC (Proof of Concept) coupons In customer project tests, partners can apply for additional POC test coupons from HUAWEI CLOUD based on project requirements, and the test coupons quota is based on the project status and approval status.
Leads generation The HUAWEI CLOUD regional team will share project opportunities with related partners based on the customer development situation and carry out customer project development with partners jointly.
Incentive accelerators HUAWEI CLOUD will design special incentives for different regions, products, and solutions depending on HUAWEI CLOUD strategy priorities. For details, contact the HUAWEI CLOUD regional ecosystem manager.

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