Improve user satisfaction and loyalty

Build a bridge between enterprises and their customer, provide consistent customer experience through all channels, proactive care, and provide warm customer services.

Transfer from cost center to value center

Not only solve customer‘s problems, but also enter the enterprise production process.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Introduce new technologies, such as 5G and AI, to facilitate enterprise digital transformation.

Why Huawei AICC

Omni-Channel Video facilitates online business

Supports VoLTE and VoIP video, which can be used on various terminals, such as mobile phones and PCs, and supports cellphone native dial-up, app, and browser access.

E2E Intelligence, improving work efficiency and user experience

The unified intelligent engine based on Huawei's proprietary intellectual property rights provides core technologies such as natural language processing, knowledge graph, deep learning, data model and analysis. Huawei has over 170 patents on intelligent algorithms and over 70 patents on RPA process automation.

Open Platform facilitates fast implementation of Industry applications

Capability openness from number and line resources, communication capabilities, and call control, it supports efficient secondary development by providing web page embedding, plug-in embedding, JS invocation, REST APIs, and mobile SDKs to quickly integrate atomic capabilities into various applications.

Flexible Efficient Call Centers

Omni-Channel Access

Huawei AICC provides one-stop access by phone, from a browser, or through Social APP and other applications, for your call centers. Your customers can contact customer service personnel anytime, anywhere, and from nearly any device.

  • Voice Call

    Your customers can prepare their own access codes.

  • Text Customer Service

    Huawei AICC can be integrated with enterprise web pages and applications.

  • Social APP Customer Service

    Quick access to social APP such as WhatsAPP, WeChat, etc.

Video Call Center

Huawei AICC provides video capabilities for your call centers, including video IVR and P2P video calls, improving customer experience.

  • Enterprise Video Show

    After a customer dials your customer service hotline, Huawei AICC can play custom video, such as promotional video content, instead of the traditional IVR voice.

  • P2P Video Call

    Huawei AICC supports VoLTE and VoIP video calls. Customers can use 4G phones to initiate video calls to your customer service center, or your customer service representatives can initiate inbound video calls. Huawei AICC is great for vertical industries, such as insurance, where it is useful for remote loss assessment; or for banking industry, where ID verification can be done online; or for remote fault diagnosis in IT scenarios.

Full-Function Agent Workbench

Huawei AICC sorts agent workflows and business functions based on service scenarios and provides an easy-to-use one-stop agent workbench that integrates all the functions of your call center.

  • One-Screen Display of Omni-Channel Service Information

    Huawei AICC supports the concurrent processing of voice calls, chats, and video requests, and displays customer information, historical sessions and contacts, service tracks, and inspection data all on the same screen.

  • Quick Integration with enterprise applications

    Huawei AICC can be quickly integrated with your CRM and ERP systems.

Online IVR Flow Editing

On the visualized IVR flow configuration page, service administrators can quickly customize IVR flows, such as traditional voice services or text-to-speech (TTS), logical judgment, and interfaces. No major technical skills are required. You can be up and running in 5 minutes.

  • Customized IVR Voice

    You can upload recorded voice files or just write the text and let TTS do the work for you. You do not even have to record your own audio.

  • Diagram Element Configuration

    Huawei AICC provides a drag-and-drop environment for online testing and rapid troubleshooting.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    Huawei AICC supports APIs for the integration with enterprise application.

Efficient Onsite Management

Huawei AICC provides real-time and post-event inspection functions and charts of various operational indicators to help you stay on top of service quality and keep abreast of the states of your call centers at a glance.

  • Various Inspection Modes

    Huawei AICC provides a range of inspection modes, such as interception, listening, and screen recording for flexibility and efficiency.

  • Operation Report

    Huawei AICC provides detailed reports that include call, agent, and skill telemetry so that you can understand your call center operations in detail.

  • Capability Openness

    Huawei AICC provides API for secondary development interfaces to develop various contact center applications.

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