Business Challenges

  • Few Cloud Transformation Opportunities

    There are few opportunities for the telecom industry to be part of enterprise digital transformation as connection services like private line, IDC, IoT, and 5G network building account for only a small proportion of the entire transformation course.

  • Inefficient Cloud-Network Synergy

    The telecom industry has natural advantages when it comes to cloud-network synergy, but there is no long-term cloud-network synergy platform in place as cloud service and network service providers are still separated in the industry.

  • Poor Ecosystem Development

    The telecom industry needs meaningful industry solutions that can help them improve integration ability, develop ecosystem capabilities, and accelerate enterprise business growth.

Cloud Native Development Platform

Business Innovation Platforms

Huawei Cloud brings traditional telecom services, such as network private lines, IDC, CDN, and IoT, and Huawei Cloud together to help you reinvent service platforms for business innovation and growth.

  • Less Investment Required

    You can use and resell cloud services to reduce upfront investment costs in IT infrastructure, avoid repeated resource deployment, increase business agility, improve operation efficiency, and maximize the ROI.

  • Cloud-Network Convergence

    Huawei offers leading connection solutions, such as 5G, NB-IoT, TSN, and industry PON, to provide you with tailored cloud-network synergy solutions that will help your business stand out.

  • Shared Ecosystem

    You can leverage Huawei's ecosystem, which has more than 2,000 partners working in all mainstream industries, to accelerate business growth.

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