Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

From high costs to long distances, traditional banking is out of the reach of 1.7 billion adults across the globe, barring them from access to any formal financial services. But this unbanked population can be reached through mobile communications technology and digital payment platforms, effectively bridging the divide to provide easy access to affordable, reliable financial services through phones and other digital interfaces. This is the promise of full financial inclusion brought to life.

Working with a full suite of global partners, Huawei is committed to enabling such inclusion, bringing digital financial services to every person and organization — ultimately for a better life. The Huawei FinTech Solution — shorthand, of course, for Financial Technology — offers equal, effective, comprehensive, and convenient digital financial products and services to all people, especially those surviving on low-incomes in urban, rural, and remote areas not covered by existing, legacy financial systems. The solution is also geared toward empowering Micro-, Small-, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) with digital technologies.

FinTech Cloud Deployment Architecture

FinTech Cloud Deployment Architecture

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活动时间: 2020年8月12日-2020年9月11日

Serving the Unbanked, Fighting Poverty

Today, Huawei FinTech provides inclusive digital financial services to 300 million unbanked people worldwide. Huawei FinTech is also the foundation for the development of a range of partnerships with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and financial institutions, with the aim of alleviating — then eliminating — poverty.

Helping 50 million people

During the pandemic, governments in Kenya and other countries have granted relief through Huawei FinTech.

Leading to a 90% reduction in power costs

Organizations are empowered to provide pay-as-you-go solar energy.

Benefiting 1 million smallholders

East Africa NGO One Acre Fund digitized loan repayments.

What is Huawei FinTech Solution?

What is Huawei FinTech Solution?

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Quite simply, the Huawei FinTech Solution provides convenient and comprehensive financial services for individuals and MSMEs through mobile apps, both Android and iOS. In short, if there's a mobile communications signal, financial services are available.

Through mobile communications technologies and digital operations platforms, the solution builds a new digital financial service ecosystem. This ecosystem allows partners to develop applications for diverse industries, laying a robust foundation for ubiquitous digital financial services. This not only improves digital services across industries, it also bridges the digital divide between industries and economic sectors, improving productivity across society.

By the close of 2020, the Huawei FinTech Solution had been adopted by more than 30 licensed digital financial service providers across the world, from Kenya's M-PESA and bKash in Bangladesh, to Vodacom Tanzania, Indonesia's Telkomsel, Pakistan's JazzCash, and KBZPay in Myanmar. And Huawei is continuing to expand its network of financial inclusion, to provide users with sustainable access to basic financial services and, in doing so, improve their lives.

Trusted Platform

● End-to-end global cyber security assurance. Multi-active disaster recovery with 99.999% availability.

● Elastic and distributed architecture, supporting 10,000-level Transactions Per Second (TPS).

Open Ecosystem

● One-stop ecosystem platform.

● Digital channel app integration.

● Visualized service orchestration.

● Over 700 open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), plus Atomic APIs.

Agile Innovation

● 99.99% decision-making accuracy.

● Innovation within 1 week.

● Merchant onboarding within 1 week.

● Marketing activity launched within 1 week.

Banking the Unbanked and the Underserved

Banking the Unbanked and the Underserved

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活动时间: 2020年8月12日-2020年9月11日

Registered Users
Annual Transaction Value

300 Million

20 +

500 Thousand

$330 Billion

Huawei Platform for Financial Inclusion

A one-stop easy-access platform that enables mobile money operators, financial service partners,

and ecosystem partners to better serve individual customers and MSMEs, all at lower cost.

  • Platform Economy:

    Huawei provides developer platform and Marketplace services to pre-integrate applications in the transportation, retail, catering, and education industries.

  • Digital Experience:

    Huawei helps banks build customer journey channels, including customer and merchant apps, delivering the rich experiences customers want.

  • Open Ecosystem:

    Open APIs, digital channel app integration, and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) service orchestration allow banks and partners to explore new services and quickly integrate diverse ecosystem capabilities.

  • Data Service:

    Risk control, credit rating, precision marketing, and operations data analytics capabilities are offered based on big data and historical transaction data.

  • Trusted IT Infrastructure:

    Security assurance mechanisms are available for applications, system platforms, networks, data, and security management.

  • Consulting service:

    Huawei also offers consulting services for FinTech solutions.

Proven Success

Huawei and bKash's FinTech Solution in Bangladesh

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bangladesh's bKash, Kamal Quadir, discusses its vision for the future: to provide financial services for low-income areas, covering ever more people in Bangladesh. In just six years, bKash has grown into Bangladesh's largest mobile financial services provider, with 17% of the population holding a bKash account.

How Mobile Payments Are Changing Kenya

Michael Joseph, former CEO of Safaricom, explains how the company worked with Huawei to create a mobile payment platform — M-PESA — that has dramatically changed Kenyan society.

G-Money Helped the Ghana Commercial Bank Achieve a 10-Fold Increase

Huawei provided GCB with an updated mobile money platform — G-Money — which has since helped the bank achieve a 10-fold increase in its mobile services and been the bedrock, in more general terms, of building a new banking ecosystem.

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