• Heavy Investment

    Customers need to purchase a large number of security hardware products, as well as software offerings such as terminal security platform and security operations platform.

  • Inefficient Operations

    Security devices generate about over 10,000 alarms every day. Handling each security event is time-consuming, and security O&M is difficult.

  • Lack of Onsite Professionals

    Professional security O&M personnel are required to handle security events. However, they are scarce and have varying capabilities.

Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express — A One-Stop Security Cloud Service Solution Enabling New Growth of Carriers' BtoB Services

Solution Overview

The Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express solution uses an innovative cloud-edge-device integration architecture to safeguard security of networks by automatically handling threat events. The solution helps carriers expand their cloud business in government and enterprise sectors, as well as increase their revenues.

  • Fast service provisioning

    Eudemon firewalls automatically connect to the cloud after being powered on.

    Cloud services are available immediately upon subscription.

  • Fast capability update

    Optimal architecture with cloud-edge-device integration

    Fast intelligence sharing and global protection once a threat is detected on one node

  • Automatic threat closure

    Automatic threat handling rate of as high as 96%

Industry Cases



A municipal government agency is responsible for promoting the construction of "smart city" and "digital government", and urgently needs to eliminate information system risks while improving network security protection capabilities. However, its network is frequently attacked. O&M personnel were unable to resolve this problem even after upgrading the system and installing antivirus software. As a result, services were frequently affected.

Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express helps overcome this by associating security events in real time, sending SMS notifications upon threat events, and quickly locating and blocking attack sources, ultimately eliminating potential network security risks. Additionally, Huawei Qiankun provides a cloud service security control platform, with minimal manual O&M operations, to secure core government services.

  • Solution benefits:
  • ● Fully scanning exposed service ports and automatically delivering blacklists to block external attack sources.

    ● Detecting security status and pushing high-risk alarms in real time; automatically handling and closing threat events in seconds.

    ● Offering remote security O&M on the cloud, which removes the need of onsite security personnel; visualizing security trends with weekly and monthly reports.




A hospital's network has 150 servers and 5,000 terminals. The virus signature database on the incumbent vendor's firewall has not been updated for a long time. Worse yet, the firewall generated thousands of alarms every day, which could not be handled by the hospital's O&M personnel in time. As a result, the network suffered from frequent ransomware attacks.

To resolve these problems, the hospital deployed Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express at its network egress. During the first month, Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express successfully blocked more than 200,000 virus attacks, such as ransomware and mining, automatically isolated four compromised hosts, and detected that a large number of hospital intranet servers used default passwords and had pirated software installed. Better yet, Huawei Qiankun cloud security experts provide remote guidance and professional protection suggestions to eliminate host compromising.

  • Solution benefits:
  • ● The virus signature database no longer needs to be manually updated, and the cloud protection capabilities are upgraded in real time.

    ● Threats such ransomware, mining, and malicious files are automatically and immediately blocked once detected, no longer relying on professional handling skills.

    ● Security O&M is performed on the cloud, removing the need for onsite security O&M personnel.



A university has next-generation information-based education classrooms, such as a school-level education cloud platform and live classroom. However, its network has many security issues such as worms, Trojan horses, and mining, which affect the stable operation of digital teaching. In response, the university deployed a firewall at the network egress and performed virus scanning on teachers' PCs. However, security issues persisted due to the lack of professional security capabilities.

Huawei Qiankun Cloud-Network Express was introduced to detect threat events on the university's network around the clock and automatically block external attack sources, comprehensively safeguarding digital teaching for the university.

  • Solution benefits:
  • ● Comprehensive virus detection: 131 compromised hosts infected by viruses such as Trojan horses and mining programs are detected within 2 hours of solution rollout.

    ● Enhanced network security protection capabilities: External attack sources are blocked within minutes of being detected, with the automatic handling rate reaching 96%.

    ● Regular security assurance: Nearly 600,000 external attacks are prevented and more than 60 malicious files are blocked within 20 days of solution rollout.

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