Message&SMS is a communication service provided for global users by HUAWEI CLOUD and the finest worldwide carriers and channels. Enterprises can use the Group SMS Assistant to easily send group SMS notifications, or call APIs to provide two-factor verification or SMS notifications for users.

Simple Message Notification ¥0.036per SMS

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Product Advantages
  • Fast and Reliable

    SMSs are delivered within 3 seconds from the carrier-class operation platform, which uses active/standby channels to ensure service reliability.

  • Global Coverage

    A 99% worldwide arrival rate is delivered, meeting even the strictest service expansion requirements.

  • Mass Concurrency

    The platform can distribute 100,000 concurrent SMSs at a rate of 2000 messages/second.

  • Customizable

    Content can be sent using templates or customized formats. The number of verification code characters can be configured to meet different service needs.

Application Scenarios
  • Verification Code

  • SMS Notification

Verification Code


Dynamic verification codes defend against identity theft and security threats.

Login Authentication

Dynamic login verification codes protect against leaks and hijacking.

Money Transfer

Anti-theft transfer verification codes ensure transfer security.

Password Retrieval

Advanced combination options are provided for verification codes, defending against machine recognition and malicious changes.

SMS Notification

Usage Alerts

Reliable consumption notifications can be promptly delivered.

Express Notification

Quick and batched delivery with easy operations are achieved.

Marketing and Advertising

Customizable mass ads can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

Instant Reminders

Periodic reminders can be sent promptly and accurately.


  • Verification Code

    Verification codes can be delivered by SMS, and the number of characters in verification codes is configurable.

  • SMS Notification

    The signature and content within SMS notifications can be customized and delivered in batches.

Verification Code

SMS Notification

Usage Guides

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