Product Advantages


SA can detect all common security risks based on its 20+ threat detection models. With your assets under 360-degree protection, your mind can rest at ease.


Thanks to HUAWEI CLOUD's years of defense experience, SA's threat detection and risk handling capabilities ensure precise responses to all kinds of sophisticated threats.


In-depth application of artificial intelligence (AI) empowers SA to accurately detect unknown risks, helping you prevent all types of advanced persistent threats (APTs).


A one-stop large screen gives you a panorama of attack and defense situations and enables you to locate risks rapidly and make decisions accurately.

Application Scenarios
  • Risk Prevention and Protection

  • Security Weakness Analysis

  • Smart Security O&M

Risk Prevention and Protection

Risk Prevention and Protection

SA can detect over 20 types of security risks, such as DDoS attacks, SSH brute force attacks, RDP brute force attacks, OWASP Top 10 risks, miner programs, and ransomware.


Wide Coverage

SA covers a wide variety of attacks.

Rapid Model Iteration

Detection models are generated rapidly in response to emerging threats.

Precise Blocking

SA provides a blocking precision of 99.9% for certain high-risk attacks.

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Security Weakness Analysis

Security Weakness Analysis

Based on a comprehensive big data analysis of security incidents, SA helps users quickly locate top risky assets and top risks so that you can remove weaknesses promptly.


Multi-dimension Coverage

SA covers five major dimensions: network security, application security, data security, host security, and security management.

Clear Display of Top Risks

SA shows top risks in a clear manner to save you from searching for a needle in a haystack of various alarms.

Real-Time Alarms

SA sends alarms immediately when it discovers risks.

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Smart Security O&M

Smart Security O&M

Supporting a large number of hosts simultaneously, SA helps you nurture big data analysis capability quickly based on AI technologies, offering excellent SecOPS experience.



SA can detect risks for hyperscale clusters.


SA provides precise policy recommendations based on risks.


SA responds automatically to high-risk emergencies.

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  • Security Risk Index

    Provides indexes based on a professional weighting algorithm, security situation data, and incident statistics.

  • Asset Security Situation

    Presents the distribution of asset security risks based on statistics and analytics.

  • Incident Statistics

    Shows the distribution of incidents based on statistics and analytics.

Security Risk Index

Asset Security Situation

Incident Statistics

  • Asset Risk Rankings

    Lists Top 8 risky assets.

  • Weekly Incidents

    Displays threats and incidents in the past week.

  • Real-Time Threats

    Displays threats and incidents as they are happening.

Asset Risk Rankings

Weekly Incidents

Real-Time Threats

  • Trend of Threatened Assets

    Shows the trend in the number of threatened assets.

  • Attack Source Rankings

    Lists Top 6 geological attack sources and their numbers of attacks in the past week.

  • Large-Screen Display

    Shows asset security situations and threats on a large screen.

Trend of Threatened Assets

Attack Source Rankings

Large-Screen Display

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