Product Advantages
Precise Threat Detection
Sensitive Data Protection
360-Degree Protection
Security Certification

Precise Threat Detection

You can configure a wide range of rules to detect and defend against threats, ensuring the safety of your web applications.

Sensitive Data Protection

You can anonymize sensitive data and configure the minimum TLS version and cipher suite to safeguard your web applications.

360-Degree Protection

You can count on WAF to defend against the latest zero-day vulnerabilities. Professional security teams provide you with 24/7 monitoring.

Security Compliance

WAF fully complies with the PCI DSS requirements. With WAF as an integral part of your defense strategy, you can apply for and obtain PCI DSS certification.

Application Scenarios
  • Data Leakage Prevention

  • Zero-Day Protection

  • CC Attack Defense

  • Web Page Tampering Protection

Data Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage Prevention

WAF prevents malicious actors that attempt to bypass application security and gain remote access to web databases. It effectively defends against various types of attacks including SQL injection and web shells.


Precise Identification

WAF precisely identifies and thwarts attacks based on pre-configured rules and rules you customize.

Distortion Attack Detection

WAF detects a wide range of distortion attack patterns with 11 decoding methods to prevent bypass attempts.

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Zero-Day Protection

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

WAF performs virtual patching to intercept threats that exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities in third-party frameworks or plug-ins.


Swift Response

You can configure WAF to implement the required security policies and rules even before the third-party vendors take action.

Lower Cost

WAF uses rules instead of patches to fix vulnerabilities and protect your application workloads, eliminating downtime and reducing O&M costs.

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CC Attack Defense

CC Attack Defense

WAF protects your web servers from malicious Challenge Collapsar (CC), ensuring business and service continuity.


Flexible Configuration

You can configure rate limiting policies by IP address or cookie to precisely detect and thwart CC attacks.


WAF enables you to easily customize response actions and the content of returned alarm pages according to your requirements.

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Web Page Tampering Protection

Web Page Tampering Protection

WAF ensures that attackers cannot leave backdoors on your web servers or tamper with your web page content, preventing damage to your credibility.


Malicious Code Detection

You can configure WAF to detect malicious code injected into web servers and ensure secure visits to web pages.

Intelligent Protection

WAF prevents attackers from tampering with web page content or publishing inappropriate information.

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  • Web Attack Defense

    WAF's built-in capabilities help you precisely identify and block threats and allow you to configure rules for comprehensive protection.

  • CC Attack Defense

    WAF allows you to perform interface-based rate limiting and mitigate the impact of CC attacks based on man-machine identification.

Web Attack Defense

  • Precise identification

    WAF uses semantics analysis and regex dual engines for powerful and precise identification, significantly reducing false positives. 

  • Comprehensive protection

    You can configure WAF to detect and intercept attacks, including SQL injection, XSS, file inclusion, directory traversal, sensitive file access, command/code injection, web shell uploads, and third-party vulnerability exploits.

CC Attack Defense

  • Fine-grained flexibility
    You can flexibly set rate limiting policies by IP address and cookie.

  • Returned page customization
    You can customize the content of returned pages based on your requirements.

  • Visualized Security

    With WAF's user-friendly interface, you can view real-time security information and fine-tune your protection.

  • Access Control

    WAF enables you to define precise parameter- and logic-based access control.

Visualized Security

  • Centralized policy configuration
    The intuitive console allows you to easily configure and immediately implement protection rules.

  • Real-time statistics
    You can use real-time security information, including the number and types of security events and detailed logs, to derive insights and fine-tune protection rules.

Access Control

  • Various parameter conditions
    You can configure different combinations of common HTTP parameters such as IP, URL, Referer, User-Agent, and Params.

  • Abundant logic conditions
    You can block or allow traffic based on logic conditions such as "Include", "Exclude", "Equal to", "Not equal to", "Prefix is", and "Prefix is not".

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