Data Security Center Service Statement

Data Security Center Service Statement

This Service Statement (hereinafter referred to as "this Statement" or "this Agreement") describes your rights, obligations, and responsibilities of using Huawei Cloud services. Please read the terms carefully, especially the terms that have a significant impact on your rights and interests, such as exemption from liability and limitation of liability. Such terms are in bold in this Statement.

You understand and agree that by using any service in this Agreement, you are deemed to have read and agree to the General Terms of Service in this Agreement and the Dedicated Terms of Service for the service you use. This Agreement shall become legally binding on you. If you do not agree to any part or all of the terms in this Agreement, you shall stop using related services.

1. General Terms of Service

1.1 Contracting Entity.

This Agreement is entered into by and between Huawei Cloud Contracting Party as defined in Section 15.4 of Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei Cloud", or "We") and you (or "User"). Once this Agreement takes effect, it has legal effect between you and Huawei Cloud. You acknowledge that you shall be a natural person, legal person, or other organization that has full capacity for civil conduct, and may independently carry out civil juristic acts. If the foregoing is not true, please do not use this Service. Otherwise, you shall bear all consequences caused thereby. In addition, Huawei Cloud has the right to cancel (or permanently freeze) your account and claim compensation from you. In the event that you register on behalf of a company or other legal entity or use this Service in a manner permitted by Huawei Cloud, you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of the company or legal entity to bind such company or legal entity to the terms of this Agreement.

1.2 Separate Agreement.

If you subscribe to this Service offline, purchase this Service through our partners, or purchase partner products that integrate this Service, you may sign a separate agreement with us or our partners. You acknowledge and agree that you will remain bound by the separate agreement mentioned in this article if you are authorized to access and use this Service. If this Statement conflicts with the separate agreement, the separate agreement shall prevail.

1.3 Agreement Update.

This Agreement is subject to change at any time. We will notify you of any changes to this Agreement by posting a notice on our website or by other means. You can also visit our website to review the latest Agreement. If you do not agree to part or all of the latest Statement, please stop using this Service. By continuing to use this Service, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to the latest Statement.

1.4 Service Maintenance.

We may maintain this Service from time to time through application upgrade, patch installation, or bug fixing. We will make our best, reasonable efforts to notify you of such maintenance events (except for emergency maintenance). You agree to make your best, reasonable efforts to comply with any notified cooperation requirements.

1.5 Your Content

1.5.1 The definition and related regulations of "Your Content" are subject to the Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement (

1.5.2 In terms of your content, except as required by laws and regulations or for your use of this Service, Huawei Cloud is entrusted to process your data only in accordance with your authorization and instructions and the agreement between you and us.

1.5.3 You have the right to upload, delete, and modify your content data. Exercise caution when deleting or modifying data and bear the consequences of these operations.

1.5.4 You shall back up your data as required. Huawei Cloud provides data backup services only in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

1.6 You are committed to being responsible for your end users. If your end users violate laws and regulations when using services related to this Statement, or improperly use related services and cause damages to third parties or Huawei Cloud, you shall be liable for compensation.

1.7 Our Limited Warranty

1.7.1 The provision of a Huawei Cloud service is based on the availability status and product features of the cloud service at the time of provisioning, and does not constitute a commitment of Huawei Cloud to provide the cloud service for a long time after a certain lifecycle of the cloud service.

1.7.2 You understand and agree to our limited warranty in terms of the SLA in Clause 4.3 "Our Limited Warranty" of the Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement (

1.8 Statement by Both Parties

1.8.1 You understand and agree that your use of this Service must comply with applicable laws and regulations. We provide you with standard services only in accordance with your instructions and are not responsible for the legal compliance of your use of this Service. If we reasonably believe that you have violated laws, regulations, or the rights of third parties when using this Service, or violated the terms of related agreements (including Legal Statement, Privacy Statement, Acceptable Use Policy, Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement, and other agreements related to you on the Huawei Cloud official website) ("Prohibited Content"), we have the right to delete prohibited content, prohibit your use of related services and access to related content, or suspend services. In addition, you shall compensate for all losses caused to Huawei Cloud due to your faults.

1.8.2 Huawei Cloud provides O&M only for Huawei Cloud services. You shall ensure the security and stability of your network and devices. If any device fault or network interruption occurs due to your own or third-party reasons, you shall resolve the issue in a timely manner to avoid impact on Huawei Cloud services.

1.8.3 When the lifecycle of a specific cloud service reaches the end of marketing (EOM), end of service and support (EOS), or end of all service activities, we will make our best commercial efforts to notify you. After reading and understanding the notification, you shall agree to upgrade related services or migrate related services to updated software and hardware.

1.9 Disclaimer

1.9.1 You understand and agree that we are not liable for unavailability of related services in the following situations:

1) Service unavailability or any legal consequences caused by your refusal to provide relevant information or the information provided not meeting service requirements

2) Service unavailability due to force majeure

3) Service unavailability due to your reasons or non-Huawei Cloud reasons

4) Service unavailability during regular service maintenance

1.9.2 You understand and agree that before the lifecycle of a specific cloud service reaches the end of all service activities, we will make our best commercial efforts to notify you. You need to migrate or upgrade related workloads within a certain time window based on the notification of Huawei Cloud. If you do not choose to upgrade the cloud service to a new version, you agree that Huawei Cloud has the right to automatically upgrade it when the right opportunity arrives. In such a scenario, we will not be held liable for any potential service outages arising from the upgrade.

2. Data Security Center (DSC) Terms of Service

2.1 Service Content

Data Security Center (DSC) is a latest-generation cloud data security management platform that protects your assets with basic data security capabilities such as sensitive data identification, data masking, data watermarking, and data usage audit. DSC monitors data security and gives you a comprehensive view of your data security on the cloud. If you choose to enable the Data Security Center service, you have read and fully agree to this Statement.

This service provides standard and professional editions. For details about the functions and restrictions of each edition, see documents in Support Center on Huawei Cloud ( Please understand and agree that this Service does not provide functions and services outside of the edition descriptions.

2.2 Collection and Processing of Your Personal Data

For the entire service process, you understand and agree that Huawei Cloud is entitled to collect, use, and process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement (

2.3 Processing Your Content Data.

You understand and agree that you have full ownership and control over the data asset attributes, data asset IP addresses, data asset account information, database metadata, and scanning rules entrusted to us by you and/or your end users in any format during the use of the DSC Service, and you are responsible for the legality of the source and acquisition of the above data. Huawei Cloud is entrusted to process your data to achieve the functions or purposes of this Service.

1) Resource authorization. After you enable DSC, DSC needs to access your data assets to provide you with data security functions. You can select to authorize DSC to access your data assets, including OBS, database, and big data.

2) Sensitive data identification. DSC provides the sensitive data identification function. You can create identification tasks and scanning rules on the DSC console. You understand and agree that after you create and enable an identification task, DSC has the right to scan and analyze data assets in the task and display the analysis result. even if the scanned data assets contain users' personal information, such as SSNs and bank card information.

3) Data masking. You can create a data masking task and set masking rules on the DSC console to mask data in the original table and output the masked data to a target table.

4) Data watermarking. On the DSC console, you can select a cloud file or upload a local file for watermark injection.

5) APIs. DSC provides various APIs, such as dynamic data masking APIs, database watermarking APIs, and document watermarking APIs.

6) Data use audit. DSC provides real-time alarm and audit for OBS data.

7) Alarm notifications. DSC can send alarm notifications through emails and SMS messages, which are enabled by the Huawei Cloud message notification service (SMN).

Your content data will be processed on servers in Europe. After you cancel the service authorization or deregister your account, related content data will be deleted immediately. You can control your content data.

2.4 Service Pricing

2.4.1 The service fees are displayed on your subscription page. You shall pay for the fees, which are calculated based on the valid price system on the Huawei Cloud website ( The Service reserves the right not to provide you with services and/or technical support, and the right to terminate the services and/or technical support, until you pay all the fees as agreed.

2.4.2 Some services are charged based on the number of API calls. You can pay for the services based on the pricing system on the Huawei Cloud website (

2.4.3 You understand and agree that if you unsubscribe from a one-off purchase, the paid fees will not be refunded.

2.4.4 You understand and agree that this Service has the right to adjust the prices and billing methods based on its business conditions. Huawei Cloud will notify you of such adjustments in advance in many ways such as notices on the website, notifications in the message center, and SMS messages. New prices and pricing methods are deemed effective once they are notified.

2.4.5 The Service has the right to promote and provide free service items based on business conditions. You understand and agree that the free service items provided in marketing campaigns do not include free support for modification, update, and maintenance. Huawei Cloud has the right not to provide technical support for the service items provided or given away in promotional activities. Such service items cannot be used to offset the price of the services you have purchased or plan to purchase.

2.5 Disclaimer

2.5.1 Resource Authorization: You understand and agree that when you click the authorization button on the DSC console or perform authorization in other ways, the system entrusts DSC to manage your cloud assets, including collecting information about data storage, transmission, use, exchange, and deletion. After you stop the authorization (Assets > Allow Access to Cloud Assets > Operation), DSC will lose the right to access your data assets and will delete the asset information you have added to this Service as well as the asset-related task templates, task results, reports.

2.5.2 Sensitive data identification: You are responsible for the source and legitimacy of the provided data assets. If the data assets contain personal information, you shall ensure that legal authorization is obtained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If the data assets you provide do not meet the preceding requirements, you shall be liable for any legal consequences or service unavailability caused thereby, and compensate Huawei Cloud for all losses that come along.

2.5.3 Data masking: You understand and agree to bear the consequences and ensure that Huawei Cloud will not suffer any loss in the following cases: 1. Sensitive data flow into the target table due to failure of identification caused by your failure to identify all sensitive fields, your misconfiguration of masking rules, or that the default masking rules of DSC cannot mask all sensitive fields. 2. Data is lost due to that you selected an existing table as the data masking destination table, which caused DSC to delete the existing table and create a new one.

2.5.4 Data watermarking: If watermarks are generated incorrectly or the files are disclosed without watermarks due to your incorrect watermark configuration, you understand and agree to bear the consequences and ensure that Huawei Cloud will not suffer any loss.

2.5.5 API calling: You understand and agree to bear the consequences and ensure that Huawei Cloud will not suffer any loss in the following cases: 1. Sensitive data is disclosed due to improper configuration of dynamic masking API calling. 2. Data is unavailable or the calculation is incorrect due to that data is changed during watermarking through database watermarking APIs. Watermark extraction fails due to that data is severely damaged. Watermark extraction fails due to insufficient input data. 3. The summary of a document is changed after you call the document watermarking API to inject watermarks. Visible watermarks are lost and invisible watermarks fail to be extracted when a watermarked document has been severely damaged.

2.5.6 Data usage audit: You understand and agree that after you enable OBS and create an OBS sensitive data identification task, DSC will enable the audit function for data assets whose risk level is greater than or equal to 7 in OBS. DSC will record all user behaviors, such as downloading, deleting, and modifying the data assets, and display them on the console. Audit logs are stored in your OBS bucket until you delete them. Uploading bucket logs incurs PUT request fees. For details about PUT request fees, see OBS Pricing Details.

2.5.7 Alarm notifications: You understand and agree to authorize Huawei Cloud SMN to send alarm notifications to you when alarms are reported in DSC. You can enable or disable alarm notifications on the DSC and SMN consoles. After you disable alarm notifications, no alarm notifications will be sent to you. For details about the alarm notification fees, see SMN Pricing Details.

2.5.8 You understand that the Service cannot guarantee problem-free (for example, the Service cannot guarantee the absolute security of your data and service systems running on the Service). Huawei Cloud will continuously improve the service level and quality. If a problem beyond existing technologies occurs, this Service will help you solve the problem. However, service interruptions due to the problem do not constitute a breach of the Contract, and Huawei Cloud is not liable for any losses thus incurred.

2.5.9 The Service has the right to provide, change, and disable open APIs based on the service conditions. Any change or disabling of some APIs will be notified on the Huawei Cloud website in advance. If your security services are affected due to API changes or closure, this Service will assist you in resolving the issue. However, the resulting service interruption does not constitute a breach of contract, and Huawei Cloud will not be liable for any losses thus incurred.

2.5.10 Huawei Cloud reserves the right to interpret this disclaimer and update it whenever necessary. An updated disclaimer will be released with the Service and take effect immediately after it is posted on the Huawei Cloud website.


Updated: November 27, 2023