HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Management Service Agreement

HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Management Service Agreement

Thank you for choosing the HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Management Service. Sparkoo Technologies Ireland Co., Ltd. and associated companies (hereinafter referred to as "HUAWEI CLOUD") provide you with HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Management Service (hereinafter referred to as "this Service") based on the terms and conditions of this agreement. Before using this Service, read this statement carefully (including any changes in the future), and do not use the Service if you disagree with any terms or conditions herein. If you have any questions, contact HUAWEI CLOUD.


I. Effectiveness

This statement takes effect when you select and start using this Service. By using the Service, you represent and warrant that you have read, understood, and accepted all the contents of this Agreement.


II. Definition

HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Management provides enterprise customers with multi-account hierarchical management, including cloud resource, staff, and finance management. This Service allows you to manage the organizational relationship between enterprises (such as parent companies and subsidiaries), departments, and projects. Enterprises' master account can conduct financial management operations, such as fund transfers and withdrawals, for its member accounts.




Enterprise master account

A HUAWEI CLOUD account that applies for this Service and may add one or more other HUAWEI CLOUD accounts as member accounts. This account belongs to the highest level in Enterprise Management.

Enterprise member account

HUAWEI CLOUD accounts that have been added as member accounts by a master account of a HUAWEI CLOUD enterprise customer that has applied for the Service. This account is for secondary-level enterprise management roles. The master accounts can set multiple member accounts hierarchies.


III. Service Usage Requirements

(1) HUAWEI CLOUD users who have applied for the master accounts permission of this Service can assign other HUAWEI CLOUD users as associated member accounts. Active and passive account association is independent behavior between the master accounts and member accounts. By using this Service, you agree to bare all legal liabilities arising therefrom.


(2) Users who apply for this Service (including master accounts and member accounts) promise that the information provided for account association, including but not limited to the association relationship settings, is authentic, accurate, and valid.


(3) Disputes involving fund transfers and withdrawals shall be resolved by users themselves. HUAWEI CLOUD does not assume any responsibility for such actions.


(4) HUAWEI CLOUD only provides service support for Enterprise Management Service. It shall not bear legal responsibility for any operations related to account association and fund transactions between master accounts and member accounts.


(5) Invoice issuance: HUAWEI CLOUD issues invoices to users.


(6) Withdrawal: A member account cannot withdraw money that is allocated to a master account. A withdrawal is allowed only when the allocated funds have been recovered to the master accounts.


(7) Allocated funds are only for transactions on HUAWEI CLOUD and not for non-business purposes. Upon discovery of any improper allocation, HUAWEI CLOUD has the right to terminate access to this Service, and reserves the right to claim compensation for any losses incurred.


(8) You acknowledge and agree that when you provide personal data of Enterprise sub-account to Huawei Cloud, you have lawfully obtained related data subjects' consent. HUAWEI CLOUD will process and protect the above personal data according to Privacy Statement.


IV. Others

(1) HUAWEI CLOUD may modify this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on the Website or by otherwise notifying you. Except as otherwise indicated in the modified Agreement, the modified terms will come into effect upon posting or otherwise notified by HUAWEI CLOUD.


(2) For matters not covered in this statement, refer to the Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement .


Updated: September 16, 2022