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HUAWEI CLOUD Internal Individual Development Service Disclaimer

HUAWEI CLOUD Internal Individual Development Service Disclaimer

You understand and agree that HUAWEI CLOUD provides Internal Individual Development Service. This service allows Huawei employees to develop non-commercial programs as individual developers for demonstration or personal experience. If you choose to use these programs, you are deemed to have fully agreed with the content of this disclaimer.


  1. "Individual developers" do not include the developers certified to develop HUAWEI CLOUD internal products and applications. Individual developers cannot access internal network or use internal tools to develop, and any behavior they conduct on HUAWEI CLOUD is personal behavior. Individual developers shall bear the legal liabilities for any dispute arising from their behaviors or any direct, indirect, accidental, and special damages arising therefrom. HUAWEI CLOUD shall not bear any liability. If an individual developer's behavior causes losses or negative impacts on HUAWEI CLOUD, HUAWEI CLOUD reserves the right to investigate the individual developer's legal liabilities.


  1. HUAWEI CLOUD cannot substantially review the ownership, legality, compliance, authenticity, scientificity, integrity, and validity of the works, information, and content developed by individual developers. If you use products or services provided by individual developers, no matter whether HUAWEI CLOUD has conducted reviews, you shall bear the legal liabilities for infringement or contract disputes that may occur or have occurred due to the works, information, and content.


  1. You shall independently judge, consider, and measure the authenticity, validity, and related risks of the works, information, and content published by individual developers. The risks and losses arising from the use of such works, information, and content shall be handled by you and the publishers, and HUAWEI CLOUD does not assume any responsibility.


  1. Unless otherwise specified in laws and regulations or contracts, HUAWEI CLOUD does not make any express or implied guarantees or commitments (e.g. marketability, satisfaction, non-infringement, or applicability) on the services provided by individual developers or related content for specific purposes.


  1. HUAWEI CLOUD reserves the right to interpret this disclaimer and update it whenever necessary. The updated disclaimer will be released on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website and takes effect 14 days after the release date.


Last Updated: March 27, 2023