Managed Threat Detection Service Statement

Managed Threat Detection Service Statement

By using the Managed Threat Detection (MTD) service (referred to as "the service" herein), you fully understand and agree to the terms of this statement. Otherwise, you shall stop using the service immediately.

1. Service content

The service continuously detects malicious activities and unauthorized behavior to protect your account and your workloads.

2.Data collection

You understand and agree that by using the service, you have authorized HUAWEI CLOUD to collect and analyze any data and logs about access to your assets on HUAWEI CLOUD.

3.Data protection

We will take reasonable measures, including but not limited to encryption, to protect your data.

We will not share, transfer, or disclose your data without your prior consent unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.

4.Privacy policy

For more information on HUAWEI CLOUD privacy policy, see

Last updated:  September 28th, 2021