Huawei MRS Service Statement

Huawei MRS Service Statement

By using the Huawei MapReduce Service (MRS) (herein referred to as "the service" or "this service"), you fully understand and agree to the terms in this Statement.

1. Service content

HUAWEI CLOUD provides the MRS service, which enables you to quickly build and manage Hadoop systems on the cloud and to deploy Hadoop clusters in just a few clicks. MRS provides APIs that are fully compatible with the open-source software, giving tenants full control over their clusters and enabling them to easily run big data components such as Storm, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, and Kafka. Supported by HUAWEI CLOUD's extensive expertise in cloud computing, storage, and big data, MRS provides a full-stack big data platform that features high performance and is flexible, easy-to-use, and inexpensive. In addition, the platform can be customized based on the customer's needs to help enterprises quickly obtain business insights through both stream and batch data processing, helping them create new value and seize new business opportunities.

2. Privacy protection

2.1 Data collection

To use core service functions such as big data cluster creation and deletion, you consent to the collection of personal information listed in the HUAWEI CLOUD Privacy Statement.

MRS functions only as a service provider and does not collect or process any personal data in the MRS big data cluster you purchased.

2.2 Data storage

MRS retains the above personal information (used for auditing user operations) for a maximum of six months after the cluster associated with the data is deleted. Console operation logs are retained for a maximum of two months. When you deregister your HUAWEI CLOUD account, MRS will immediately delete all the data associated with this account. 

2.3 Data Protection

The above information is stored in the country or region you have selected. MRS will not transfer the information across borders without your consent.

Your data is encrypted, securely stored, and protected by additional data security.

We will not share, transfer, or disclose your data without your consent unless required by applicable laws and regulations.

You may access, modify, change, and delete the above information. To exercise your rights, please contact us by submitting a service ticket.

2.4 Contact information

For more information about HUAWEI CLOUD's privacy policy, see

3. Representations and warranties

3.1 Representations by both parties

You understand and agree to use this service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. HUAWEI CLOUD only provides a standard service upon your request and is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use.

3.2 Warranties

3.2.1 You must use MRS in compliance with laws and regulations. HUAWEI CLOUD only provides a standard service upon your request and is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use.

3.2.2 You agree to the collection of the above information. If you do not provide or permit us to collect and use the above information, HUAWEI CLOUD cannot provide the MRS service.

3.3 Our conditional warranty

You understand and agree that we are not liable for unavailability of this service under the following conditions:

(1) The service is suspended or terminated due to security threats or other unlawful actions caused by improper operations or uploaded code or programs.

(2) The service is suspended or terminated due to faulty external dependencies (such as databases and caches) introduced by improper operations or uploaded code or programs.

4. Notification and Update

You understand and agree that we may update this Statement according to changes in our services and/or policies. If we update this Statement, we will publish the latest version of it on our website, and it will take effect immediately upon its release. You are advised to review this Statement periodically for any changes.

 Last updated: December 9, 2021