Cloud Certificate Manager (CCM) Statement

Cloud Certificate Manager (CCM) Statement

Accepting this Statement by selecting the Agree option on Huawei Cloud or in another way indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions of this Statement. This Statement takes effect immediately upon acceptance. If you do not agree to this Statement, or to any of its terms, do not accept it by selecting the Agree option on Huawei Cloud or in any other way.

Cloud Certificate Manager (CCM) is a cloud service that provides one-stop lifecycle management of digital certificates. It provides SSL Certificate Manager (SCM) and Private Certificate Authority (PCA).

About SCM

You understand and agree that the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates you obtain from SCM are provided by third-party Certificate Authorities (CAs) entrusted by Huawei Cloud. By using SCM, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Statement and authorize Huawei Cloud to entrust a third-party CA to provide SSL certificates for you.

1、Certificate validity period: Huawei Cloud provides certificate services for you only when you pay for your subscription to an SSL certificate and provide valid certificate details by following the instructions stated on Huawei Cloud SCM. The validity period of an SSL certificate starts from the date it is issued by a CA.

2、Certificate application: You guarantee that you have provided real, accurate, valid information when configuring and submitting your service ticket or order. You are responsible for any service unavailability, legal consequences, and loss of Huawei Cloud caused by your provision of unqualified information.

3、Certificate issuing: Huawei Cloud is not responsible for any loss caused by reasons that are not related to Huawei Cloud, including but not limited to your configurations, certificate defects, and certificate cracking. Huawei Cloud will cooperate with you to resolve any related issues with the certificate provider or CA.

4、Certificate renewal: From September 1, 2020, only one-year SSL certificates can be issued by all global digital certificate authorities (CAs). Multi-year SSL certificates you request through Huawei Cloud are based on one-year SSL certificates that are automatically renewed. Purchasing a multi-year certificate or enabling auto renewal for an SSL certificate indicates that you have understood and agree that for automated renewals Huawei Cloud will submit certificate details that you provide when applying for the current certificate to the CA within 30 days of when the current certificate expires. You have also understood and agree that the renewed SSL certificate is billed at the price when the certificate is renewed on the Huawei Cloud official website, and Huawei Cloud automatically deducts the renewal payment from your account. Huawei Cloud is not responsible for any losses caused by renewal failures due to invalid certificate details you provide or failed auto-renewal payments.

5、Certificate revocation and expiration: Huawei Cloud is not responsible for website or service unavailability caused by SSL certificate expiration or revocation.

About PCA

PCA is a private CA and certificate management platform. It provides a simple web UI so you can easily establish a complete CA hierarchy and use it to issue and manage private certificates for your internal businesses. Huawei Cloud is not responsible for any losses caused by reasons that are not related to Huawei Cloud, including but not limited to invalid configurations, improper certificate deployment, certificate revocation, and certificate expiration.

Huawei Cloud reserves the right to interpret this Statement and update it whenever necessary. The updated statement will be released on the official Huawei Cloud website and shall take effect immediately upon release.

Last Updated: April 29, 2022