HUAWEI CLOUD Vulnerability Scan Service Agreement

HUAWEI CLOUD Vulnerability Scan Service Agreement

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you confirm that you agree with this disclaimer in its entirety. Specifically, you authorize Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS), provided by Huawei Software Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei", "we", "our", "us", or HUAWEI CLOUD), to scan your assets, such as your website, to collect data for analysis, and to provide recommendations to fix discovered vulnerabilities. By using HUAWEI CLOUD VSS, you authorize HUAWEI CLOUD to perform the above operations in your system and agree to be bound by this disclaimer. If you have any disagreements, stop using VSS and its related functions.

1. You confirm that the information you have provided for VSS is true and accurate. If your submitted information violates the preceding commitments or relevant laws and regulations, you shall be responsible for all consequences that result from it.

2. You understand and agree that VSS may cause risks to your system, including service interruption, data loss, or data leakage. You agree that Huawei is not liable for such risks. You also agree to back up data before using VSS, and to use VSS only when the system is idle.

3. You understand and agree that all detected security risks and vulnerability fixing suggestions in VSS reports are provided by HUAWEI CLOUD, and that related suggestions are for reference only and may not resolve all security issues.

4. HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to continuously improving service quality, but cannot guarantee that VSS is free of defects and all security vulnerabilities can be detected. Any defects or failures shall not be regarded as a breach of the service agreement by HUAWEI CLOUD.

5. To comprehensively check websites and hosts and perform comprehensive scanning for vulnerabilities, you authorize us to collect and use your personal or sensitive data, including usernames and passwords used for logging in to websites. We use your personal information/sensitive personal information only for the above purposes.

Your usernames and passwords used for the product will be stored securely until you choose to delete them.

Your information is securely saved and protected, which includes, but is not limited to data encryption.

HUAWEI CLOUD does not share, transfer, or disclose your information without your prior consent unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

You have rights to access, modify, change, and delete the above information. If you have any questions about your rights, submit a service ticket on the HUAWEI CLOUD website to contact us.

The above information is stored in the People's Republic of China.

6. You must ensure that your use of VSS is in compliance with laws and regulations. HUAWEI CLOUD only provides the standard service upon your request and is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use.

Last Updated:May 25,2022