Huawei HiLens Service Disclaimer

Huawei HiLens Service Disclaimer

By continuing to use the Huawei HiLens service (referred to as "the service" or "this service" herein), you fully understand and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer.

 1.  Service content

1.1 This service offers a multi-modal AI development and application platform that leverages a device-cloud synergy. It provides an easy-to-use development framework, an out-of-the-box development environment, a rich AI skill market, and a cloud management platform, helping you develop and deliver multi-modal AI applications to diverse end devices. The platform can also be used to manage the end devices.

1.2 Before purchasing any billable products associated with this service, familiarize yourself with the product functionality and match it to your own needs as well as the devices you are using. You are advised to make well-informed purchasing decisions as your payments may not be refundable.

2.  Data protection

2.1 Data collection

You shall authorize HUAWEI CLOUD ("us" herein) to collect and use some of your personal information (including personal sensitive information) in order for us to provide you with the Huawei HiLens service. This information includes the following:

1) Personal data (such as camera IP address, user name, and password) contained in the device or camera configuration data that you upload to Huawei HiLens while using this service. When you install a skill (model + logic code) onto your device, the camera configuration is delivered to your device, and the skill needs to read this configuration to run properly.

2) The phone numbers or email addresses you configure to receive messages or alerts from Huawei HiLens.

3) Transaction data (such as purchase records) generated by the platform for your use of the service. This data will be provided in response to order queries.

You understand and agree that the preceding data collection is necessary. If you do not provide this information or forbid us from collecting or using it, we will not be able to provide you with the Huawei HiLens service.

2.2    Data storage

Any personal data contained in your skill message settings and skill settings will be automatically deleted after you delete your HUAWEI CLOUD account.

All the preceding information will be stored in the country where you use this service. For example, if you use this service in the AP-Singapore region, all your data will be stored in Singapore. Additionally, you agree to the following:

1) While you use this service, the models, code, test data, and logs generated during skill development will be uploaded to your Object Storage Service (OBS) space on HUAWEI CLOUD for persistent storage. The OBS storage space you use will incur fees and you can specify the data you upload to OBS.

2) While the Huawei HiLens skills you purchased from the skill market are running on your device, the relevant log data will be uploaded to your OBS space on HUAWEI CLOUD for persistent storage, and fees will be incurred. Other user data (such as video, audio, and text) is processed only in the device memory and not retained or stored by HUAWEI CLOUD.

2.3 Data control

We will take reasonable measures (such as encryption) to protect your data.

We will not share, transfer, or disclose your data without your prior consent unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.

According to applicable laws and regulations, you may retain the rights to access, modify, delete, transfer, or deny or limit access to the preceding information.

2.4 Contact information

For more information about HUAWEI CLOUD privacy policy, see

3. Representations and warranties

3.1 Representations by both parties

You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to guarantee that you use this service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. HUAWEI CLOUD only provides a standard service upon your request.

3.2 Your warranties

3.2.1 You guarantee to provide authentic, accurate, legal, and valid information for this service. If the information you provide violates this warranty or any term of this Disclaimer, you shall be held liable for any and all consequences and responsibilities that arise.

3.2.2 You understand and agree that the skill templates available in the skill market may contain defects or security risks, and can therefore only be used as references for skill development. You shall independently determine the reliability, performance, and usability of a skill template.

3.2.3 You can use the skill debugging function of this service to view device logs. For this reason, you are not advised to include any personal data (such as passwords) in the logs. You can set the duration for this service to retain your data. Data will be deleted once this duration expires, and HUAWEI CLOUD does not provide a data restoration mechanism.

 3.2.4 Before paying for a custom skill, you shall confirm with your account manager that you have signed a contract with Huawei and the price matches your contract pricing. Cooperation matters such as payment and custom skill delivery and acceptance shall be fulfilled according to the contract.

 3.2.5 You understand and agree that HUAWEI CLOUD has the right to determine whether any skill can or cannot be released to the skill market. When a skill is released, its code, model, and other dependent content are uploaded to the skill market for all HUAWEI CLOUD users to obtain for free, or purchase, and install on their devices. HUAWEI CLOUD users who have purchased the skill can view all skill-related data such as the skill code and model file on their devices.

 3.2.6 You shall not release skills that infringe on the interests and rights of others to the Huawei HiLens skill market. You shall not insert any personal data or illegal information into the skills you share or any alarms generated. Otherwise, you shall assume any and all liabilities and consequences that arise. You shall not use skill templates available in the skill market for illegal purposes, or purposes that infringe on the interests and rights of others or damage social order, social security, and public ethics. You shall assume all responsibilities while using the templates.

 3.2.7 If you subscribe to skill messages, you will receive notifications or alerts by mobile phone or email. This function relies on the Simple Message Notification (SMN) service, which incurs fees. Algorithms trigger alarms and determine their frequency. In some situations, alarms may be reported frequently. When this happens, note that these messages are not spam. Alarms may be delayed or lost due to network delay.

 3.3 Our conditional warranty

You understand and agree that we are not liable for the unavailability of this service in the following situation:

HUAWEI CLOUD does not guarantee that the skills or skill templates released in the skill market are applicable to all commercial scenarios. You are responsible for buying the right skills or choosing the right templates to develop skills. We shall not be held liable if the skills you purchase from the skill market cannot run properly on your device because you have chosen the wrong skills.

 4. Notification and update

We may update this Disclaimer occasionally according to changes in our services and/or policies. If we update this Disclaimer, we will publish the latest version on our website, and it will take effect immediately upon release. You are advised to review this Disclaimer periodically for any changes.


Last updated: November 8th, 2021