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Huawei Cloud Support Plans Service Statement

Huawei Cloud Support Plans Service Statement

By using Huawei Cloud Support Plans (referred to as "the Service" herein), you fully understand and agree to the terms of this statement. Otherwise, you shall stop using the Service immediately.


1.Service Content

Support Plans are after-sales technical support packages available in multiple levels for Huawei Cloud services. A plan includes technical support for Huawei Cloud products as well as solutions and architectures deployed using Huawei Cloud products. Technical support is offered in response to service tickets and hotline calls. There are four levels of support: Basic, Developer, Business, and Enterprise. You can select a level of support based on your requirements for response time and services. After you purchase a support plan, Huawei Cloud technical engineers will offer professional services and help you create more business value. For details, see the Huawei Cloud Support Plan Statement of Work.


2.Representations and Warranties

2.1 You guarantee that the information you submit during the delivery of Support Plans is authentic and valid. You shall be liable for any problems caused by incorrect information submitted.

2.2 This Service is billed based on the tiered pricing rates of expenditures before any discounts have been applied. Support plans are billed per Huawei Cloud account on a monthly basis, and fees include:

Initial payment (prepaid): the minimum monthly service fee for each type of support plan. It should be paid at the time of subscription.

Payment of remaining sum (postpaid): the difference between the customer's monthly expenditures and the initial payment. It should be paid at the beginning of the following calendar month. Ensure that the balance in your Huawei Cloud account is sufficient to cover any upcoming charges.

2.3 The complimentary value-added service items included in the Service (for details about the service items, refer to the Huawei Cloud Support Plan Statement of Work) are one-time special offers. The total price shall not be offset by these complimentary service items. If Huawei Cloud has started or finished the delivery of any of the complimentary value-added service items, you are not entitled to unsubscribe from the order.

2.4 Service items in a support plan include customer services, product services, and technical support. Huawei Cloud will provide you with corresponding service specifications and response time based on the support plan you have purchased. Huawei Cloud is not responsible for any service requirements that go beyond the committed service specifications and response time in your purchased support plan.

2.5 When you submit a service ticket, you understand and agree that Huawei Cloud promises to quickly handle service tickets based on the response time committed in your purchased support plan. However, the time for handling the problem you submitted will be affected or limited by factors such as technical conditions, problem status, and network status. Huawei Cloud does not promise a specific problem resolution time. For example, the resources in the EU-Paris region are Open Cloud Service Alliance resources, and any problems or events related to Open Cloud Service Alliance need to be jointly handled by Huawei Cloud and Open Cloud Service Alliance. So, the time required to handle a given problem depends on the actual situation.

2.6 You understand and agree that if you do not renew the support plan after the service period expires, Huawei Cloud will no longer provide you with services specified in the support plan, and the support level provided will be lowered. We suggest that you take proper data security risk prevention and control measures in advance.

2.7 The third-party software support service included in the Service provides suggestions for you in troubleshooting the deployment and use of third-party applications. The third-party software support service provides troubleshooting suggestions only, and you decide whether to accept these suggestions. Huawei Cloud will not implement the troubleshooting or take any responsibility for the troubleshooting results.

2.8 This Service provides solutions or suggestions to the problems that occur when you use Huawei Cloud. You shall determine at your own discretion whether to accept them. Huawei Cloud is not responsible for the implementation of these solutions or suggestions, and shall not be liable for the implementation results.

2.9 The solution designs, best practices, and any other intellectual property developed during the service process belong to Huawei Cloud. Without prior consent from Huawei Cloud, no one shall use them.

2.10 Huawei Cloud promises to perform only the operations authorized by you and delete your account and password information (if any exists) after the service process ends.

2.11 Analyzing and troubleshooting the system and service problems is usually complicated and there are risks of secondary system damage and data loss during troubleshooting. Please back up your service data before Huawei Cloud technical personnel begins troubleshooting and solving problems. Huawei Cloud and its technical personnel are not liable for service unavailability, service exceptions, data loss, or other risks and losses incurred from the operations authorized by you.

2.12 Huawei Cloud promises to delete any passwords used immediately after completing the authorized password operations. Please change your password without delay. Huawei Cloud is not liable for any consequences incurred from your delay in changing the password.

2.13 The authorized operations may involve collecting, using, and handling your personal data. Huawei Cloud promises to respect and protect your privacy according to the Privacy Statement.


3 Notification and Update

You understand and agree that we may update this Statement according to changes in our services and/or policies. If we update this Statement, we will publish the latest version of it on our website, and it will take effect immediately upon its release. You are advised to review this Statement periodically for any changes.


Last updated: April 4, 2023