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DevCloud Service Statement

DevCloud Service Statement

Please read this DevCloud Service Statement before using DevCloud services ("DevCloud").

DevCloud is a software development platform and provide services including ProjectMan, CodeHub, CloudPipeline, CloudBuild, CloudDeploy, and CloudArtifact.

To fulfill the core business functions, when you use the following services, functions, or components of DevCloud, you need to authorize the collection and use of personal or sensitive data, including:

• CodeHub: Authentication details used for items such as the OAuth, usernames, passwords, or access tokens for your Git repositories. These details are used to pull code from GitHub or other generic Git repositories during repository import, compilation, and building.

• CodeHub: HTTPS passwords for your repositories. These passwords are used as credentials for uploading and downloading repositories using HTTPS.

• CodeHub: Public keys containing your email addresses when you are creating SSH keys. These details are used as credentials for uploading and downloading code using SSH.

• CodeHub and CloudPipeline: Tokens of your repository webhooks. These tokens are used to trigger and receive repository events that you have subscribed to.

• CloudPipeline: Addresses, usernames, and passwords for your Jenkins client. These details are used to schedule and execute tasks on Jenkins in pipelines.

• CloudBuild: Key files, key library passwords, and key passwords required by your Android APKs. These details are used to sign APK files.

• CloudDeploy: Addresses, usernames, and passwords for your Docker repositories, from which images are pulled, built, and pushed.

• CloudDeploy: Addresses and Kubeconfig authentication details for your Kubernetes clusters. These details are used to manage your Kubernetes clusters.

• CloudDeploy: IP addresses, accounts, passwords, and keys for your hosts. These details are used to deploy services or applications and perform testing and other operations triggered on your hosts.

• DevCloud services: Access Key IDs/Secret Access Keys (AKs/SKs) for your HUAWEI CLOUD accounts. These AKs/SKs are used to create agents in DevCloud.

For the purpose of providing you with the aforementioned services, HUAWEI CLOUD will retain personal or sensitive data during your use of the services. If you decide you will no longer be using DevCloud (for example, you stop DevCloud services, release your data, or delete your HUAWEI CLOUD accounts) or if you request your data be deleted, HUAWEI CLOUD will immediately delete the data listed above from Huawei's servers within 15 days.

After the retention period of your personal or sensitive data expires, HUAWEI CLOUD will delete or anonymize your data, unless otherwise required by relevant laws or regulations.

Your data is stored securely, encrypted, and protected by additional data security techniques.HUAWEI CLOUD does not share, transfer, or disclose your data without your prior consent unless otherwise required by relevant laws or regulations.

Your data is stored in the country that you selected during resource subscription or in the region that has signed a third-party data transfer agreement (DTA) with Huawei. For example, if you have purchased resources in the AP-Singapore region, your data can be stored in Singapore and be backed up in Hong Kong SAR, China.

You must ensure that your use of DevCloud is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. HUAWEI CLOUD only provides a standard service based on your request. HUAWEI CLOUD is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use.

The personal or sensitive data described here is required in order to providing certain services. If you do not provide or do not allow us to collect or use the above details, HUAWEI CLOUD will not be able to provide you with DevCloud services.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, you have the right to access, modify, delete, deny, or limit the usage of the data described here. If you have any questions, contact us through the contact information provided in the HUAWEI CLOUD Privacy Statement. For more details about HUAWEI CLOUD privacy, see Privacy Statement.


Last Updated:Sept.1, 2022